When Social Media Isn’t Sociable

Groucho Disguise

We all know that social media is filled with trolls. People who skulk around the Internet looking for someone to irritate or enrage. They like to pull people's chains. Press their buttons. Whatever. They do it because they feel they can be … [Read more...]

Bloggus Interruptus

Angry Man

Sometimes an idea strikes me at the oddest times. I'll be sitting in my magic recliner and , boom!, and idea will come. Sometimes I get up and run to my computer. Other times, I don't. It the times that I get up and run to my computer, fresh … [Read more...]

Keeping Track Of Time

Clock with number 6

"The meeting will start at..." "The game starts at..." "The party starts at..." Yeah. We all know when things start. We just don't don't when they end.  It's one of my pet peeves. Not parties, necessarily. God knows they go on forever. … [Read more...]

The Weight Plateau

Woman choosing food

It is the bane of everyone who has tried to lose weight. Especially a lot of weight. It's the weight plateau. You're going great guns and losing pounds a week. It seems that every time you step on the scale the number is a little bit lower. … [Read more...]

Australian Adventure, Part 2

So...using Blogsy seems to have more features and is a little more intuitive, too boot.So, off I go using this new bloggin platform from and for my iPad.On The AgendaToday is the official start of the Rotary International Convention. The first … [Read more...]