Who’s The Expert?

Groucho Disguise

You don't really have to surf the web very far to see that web designers or graphic artists have a hard time with their customers. After all the marketing and prospecting and proposal writing, they still get customers that know way more than they do. … [Read more...]

Breaking Through The Weight Plateau

Man measuring his waist

Recently, I started to eat a higher protein, low carb diet in yet another attempt to lose weight.  The osteopath I started to see for another issue recommended something called the Dukan Diet. Yes, a diet. Go figure. For years and years and more … [Read more...]


Cold Thermometer

We had a cold winter this year. It's not over yet with freezing temps overnight and cold, cold, cold this morning. It's mid-April in Maryland and we're supposed to be in the middle of Spring. Cherry blossoms, Bradford pears, the whole nine yards. … [Read more...]

The Idea Guy

Lightbulb shining against a red background

Looking around me, I see a lot of what I call "The Idea Guy". Of course, it doesn't have to be a guy. It can be anyone. You know them ,too. They're the ones who see "the big picture". They're the ones who have all the great ideas. The vision. … [Read more...]

Weight Loss and Guilt

Woman choosing food

Every dieter has it. Guilt. Some more than others. Usually, though, it's more. After all, why would you even be on a diet if you didn't care about what you put in your mouth...by the bucketful. Yeah. It's tough.  You get these messages like, … [Read more...]