Money And The Lack Thereof

Money is one of those things that people either crave or claim they have no need of it. You know. The Wall Street traders (think The Wolf of Wall Street) or monks. Or the people who are uber-rich and want to say that "It's not about the money." or … [Read more...]

Appointment Time

Making the appointment. Keeping the appointment. Being on time for the appointment. Or being late. Or setting up the wrong time. We live by the clock and we live by appointments. It doesn't matter if their set in store, written in your paper … [Read more...]

How To Lose Your Best Customer, Part 2

In a previous blog post, I talked about losing your best customer by reeling them in with a good price for your service or product and then over delivering on their expectations. After your best customer feels comfortable, you can start to raise … [Read more...]

Three Years And Counting

Three years ago I started this blog with the thinking that I would get rich or famous. Lots of people would comment and I'd interact with them and become a "thought leader". People would ask me to speak at conferences or write real articles for … [Read more...]

How To Lose Your Best Customer, Part 1

If you sell a product or service, whether it's online or in a brick and mortar building, you know your best customer. It's someone who understands what your product or service and is willing to ask you to explain it and how it will help them. They … [Read more...]