Throwing Away My Business, Part 1

Conference Table with three people

A lot of us in the world are entrepreneurs whether we admit to the title or not. We're self employed business people. Maybe that name feels better. No matter how you refer to yourself, if you are running your own business and your income relies … [Read more...]

In The Mood

Woman in a Santa hat looking stressed out

It's that time of year, again. Christmas. Time to get into the Christmas spirit. Sugar plums and fairies and ho, ho, ho. Except, I'm not into it. I've never been a Christmas-y kinda guy. Fighting in stores to get presents for people you … [Read more...]

Answering Business E-Mail

Keyboard with the question mark highlighted

Let's pretend you own a business. You're a little on the entrepreneurial side. Or, let's say, you're an employee of a business and you have some responsibility for customer interaction. Let's take it one step further and say you or your business … [Read more...]

Reflections On Cold Weather

Cold Thermometer

I think it must be an age thing. The older I get, the less I like cold weather. I think that's why Florida is full of geezers. They couldn't take it anymore. November comes around and they're like, "Maude, time to pack and head to Sarasota." I … [Read more...]

The Day After…And Christmas Anticipation

food binging

It's over. It's The Day After. The eating orgy has stopped. Temporarily. There are the leftovers, of course. Lucky for me we ate at a friends house and we didn't bring home many leftovers. What we did bring is high calorie junk, though. Cake. … [Read more...]