Dreams, Passion and the Unattainable Goal

I'm a sucker for something that is supposed to help me live my dreams or follow my passion or reach my goals. I go to seminars and workshops. I read books, listen to audio programs. I sit through webinars and read blogs. All about doing things … [Read more...]

Social (Dis) Engagement

It really steams my shorts. Ties my knickers in a knot. Irks me to no end. It's the social media echo chamber. I'm not just talking about politics although that is a big part of it. I'm talking about the endless requests to sign petitions about … [Read more...]


It's tough to have resolve. Every New Year's Day people come up with lots of resolutions that can't be kept or won't be kept. Every week I swear I am turning over a new leaf and knuckling down and resolving to improve myself. Every morning I … [Read more...]

There Really Are No Dream Jobs

If you hang out on the Internet long enough you'll notice a whole boatload of graphics or quotes or references to "living your dream" or "living with passion". You might even run across a few people whose "About Me" section has something in it … [Read more...]

Temper Tantrum

I admit it. I have a temper. Sometimes I can control it pretty well. Most public situations, for example. However, at home, it's a different story altogether. If I had a dog, I would probably kick it. As it is, I have a cat and sometimes I chase … [Read more...]