Breaking Through The Weight Plateau

Man measuring his waist

Recently, I started to eat a higher protein, low carb diet in yet another attempt to lose weight.  The osteopath I started to see for another issue recommended something called the Dukan Diet. Yes, a diet. Go figure. For years and years and more … [Read more...]


Cold Thermometer

We had a cold winter this year. It's not over yet with freezing temps overnight and cold, cold, cold this morning. It's mid-April in Maryland and we're supposed to be in the middle of Spring. Cherry blossoms, Bradford pears, the whole nine yards. … [Read more...]

The Idea Guy

Lightbulb shining against a red background

Looking around me, I see a lot of what I call "The Idea Guy". Of course, it doesn't have to be a guy. It can be anyone. You know them ,too. They're the ones who see "the big picture". They're the ones who have all the great ideas. The vision. … [Read more...]

Weight Loss and Guilt

Woman choosing food

Every dieter has it. Guilt. Some more than others. Usually, though, it's more. After all, why would you even be on a diet if you didn't care about what you put in your the bucketful. Yeah. It's tough.  You get these messages like, … [Read more...]

Blogging From The Magic Recliner

Contemplative Older Gentleman

Blogging, even if you like to write, is not as easy as it looks. It doesn't help that most people think of blogging as "writing-content-so-that-the-search-engines-will-find-it-and-people-will-visit-your-site-and-buy-whatever-you're-selling". … [Read more...]