Hypnosis and Weight Loss

hypnosis spiral

Many, many years ago, I tried hypnosis for weight loss and it worked. I drooped 60 lbs over a period of about 8 months nd was able to keep it off for about 2 years. Of course, for whatever reason I started gaining the weight back  It seems that's … [Read more...]


Authority and its sources

Authority is something that blog gurus used to write about and advocate to the point of selling ways to become the "authority" or this that or the other. Then, blogging became all about SEO.  Then content marketing. It seems you can never … [Read more...]

Detaching From The Result


I don't know. It may be Buddhist or Taoist or something but somewhere along the line I heard or read that it's important to detach from the result. Important for your sanity, that is. I think (think) the meaning is to do the things you need to … [Read more...]



In another month I'll ending my one-year term as President of the Rotary Club of Parole. Like many organizations, leadership kills your idealism. Rotary International - the parent organization - has this great motto, "Service Above Self".   Pretty … [Read more...]

Habit and Hunger

Habit of Treadmill

I'm reading a new book about habits and changing habits by happiness guru, Gretchen Rubin. It's called Better Than Before. It got a lot of hype from Gretchen Rubin herself (no surprise there) and her following which, I guess, is fairly large after … [Read more...]