Diets - Choices

Diets. We love 'em, don't we. I'm on one, sorta, right now. It's the high protein, low carb plus some exercise diet. I used to be on the almost exclusive protein and really very low carb diet. That seemed to work for awhile. It took off some … [Read more...]



Binging It's something people do. Sometimes it has to do with drinking. Or watching House of Cards. Or eating. In fact, when it comes to eating, binging often is paired with purging and can be anorexia¬†or bulimia. Serious eating … [Read more...]

Giving Up or Getting Started

quote about weigh loss

I started reading another - yet, another - self help book called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. Amazingly, I had read it before and I liked it. It was about getting started. Here's the gist. To get what you want in life really only takes small, … [Read more...]

Expecting Good Karma

woman praying for good karma

Everyone has heard of karma, right. ¬†It's what goes around that comes around. Do something mean and something mean will happen to you. It's the universe taking out some sort of cosmic revenge or giving someone their comeuppance for not playing by the … [Read more...]

Sugar Time

Sugar bowl

It started out innocently enough. I thought I would pick up a salad from the salad bar at a local grocery store. Of course, I knew that I would be putting salad dressing on it and that really negates the whole salad thing. But, that wasn't the … [Read more...]