Self Discipline


If you listen to enough self help GooRoos you begin to learn a little bit of the lingo of the genre. Self discipline is part of it or, as some might call it, self sabotage. It's that thing you do when everything is going the way you want it to go. … [Read more...]

About Leadership

kid politician

I have this theory about leadership. It is both learned and innate. You are born with the leadership gene somewhere in your DNA. Maybe your parents weren't leaders in the sense that they headed up an organization or got the multitudes behind one of … [Read more...]

Be Careful What You Ask For

Crystal Ball Lit Up In Blue

You' heard the old saying. Be careful what you ask for because you might get it. In my last blog post I wrote: It’ll be interesting to see how this really all turns out in the end. I may very well need to disengage completely even after putting … [Read more...]

Negotiating In Good Faith

I don't normally write about my business on this blog because, well, because it's not really a business blog and because I like to write about thing that are more personal in nature. This time, though, the business crosses over into the personal and … [Read more...]

Website Traffic And The Fire Hose


Today I was playing around social media as I often do. During my play time I happened to notice an interesting tweet or, maybe, it was a Facebook posting or something. It had a graphic and a catchy title: What You Probably Don't Know About Advanced … [Read more...]