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If you’ve been around the blogosphere for awhile you’ve probably seen all the quotes. Quotes about making this you best day yet or about gratitude or about persistence or about virtually anything you can think of.  These quotes are designed to keep you and me motivated, keep our spirits up. keep us going.

Only quotes really don’t do that, do they?

No, quotes are like the soundbites you hear on TV. Short little tidbits that someone once said that sounded profound and usually didn’t take up more than two or three sentences…max. But, they are the bread and butter of Social Media.

Now, it seems that the quote itself is not good enough.  The quote has to have some interesting graphic background. Still or video. It doesn’t matter. Some kind of visual backdrop so the quote you’re sharing will stand out.  That way someone will be bound to read it and that person will, undoubtedly, be helped by the little gem of wisdom or reassurance.

Of course, there are little booklets filled with quotes from the great masters of motivation. Websites galore. Videos.

My guess is that these quotes are supposed to help me along in my search for purpose. Why am I here? What is my reason for being?

Of course, they really fall into a few categories:

  • service to others
  • persistence , never give up
  • gratitude
  • success is a journey
  • do what you love

I’m sure there may be a few others but those five seem to be the biggies.

I really like the do what you love category.  Hell, if I could just do that all day, I’d be like a pig in slop. Literally. I would probably sit around most of the time doing a little reading, doing some tweeting, some Google+’ing, some Facebooking.  Go to the movies. Maybe travel. But where would I get the money?

I know. Buy someone’s program on how they did this, that or the other thing with little or no money. Yeah. Right. I’m on it. Let me get my credit card out right now.


  1. Quotes are powerful drives! It is how we understand and internalize it. Hope you could find the best fit for you.
    Lyka Ricks recently posted..Benefits Of Tidal PowerMy Profile

  2. Isn’t that the truth! People are willing to tell you that they have the secret to your happiness for the low, low price of… What a scam. Have you stumbled upon yet. It’s so depressing but so true. We have lost something in our quest for the biggest house and early adopter of the greatest gadget. We know it and these people, that Salty posts about, exploit it.

    On that note, I’ll leave you with my favorite quote, “Forgiveness is giving up the hope of a greater yesterday.”

  3. I agree with Lyka, quotes are powerful thoughts, It is how we comprehend and internalize it.
    Barbara recently posted..Ways To Boost FertilityMy Profile

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