Reading Books on the iPad

Back in the day, I was conflicted. I was thinking of getting a Kindle since everyone and their brother who owned one loved it Yet, the iPad had so much more you could do with it and everyone in my profession and their brother said it would be an … [Read more...]

Books – Amazon vs eBay

I've always been a fan of Amazon when it comes to books. I was there when they first started up and all they did was sell books.  I rarely buy anything other than books on Amazon even though, as we all know, they sell everything.  It's just a habit, … [Read more...]

eBay – Too Big To Care?

I have to admit I am not a big eBay entrepreneur. I'm just a guy looking to clear out some of my stuff — mostly books — and maybe make a couple of bucks.  I've been moderately successful.  This means I've sold a few books.  It also means I haven't … [Read more...]