The Joys of Down Pillows

In a previous post, I talked about looking for a new pillow since my old pillow had gotten very gross and very flat.  I was looking to start new, clean and fluffy. At first I went with a pillow that was a synthetic fill but supposed to be "like … [Read more...]

In Search of the Perfect Pillow

Many years ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. As a result I now wear this ridiculous mask to bed so that air is pumped into my lungs while I sleep so I don't inadvertently stop breathing for too long. The problem with the whole CPAP machine, in … [Read more...]

Weight and Sleep Apnea

As I mentioned in a couple of previous blog posts, I'm getting ready to go in for a little arthroscopic surgery on my left knee for a torn meniscus. I've been talking to some people who have undergone this little operation and they all seem to think … [Read more...]