Starting Over With Social Media

The more I look at the Social Media space and the more I play around in it the more confused I become. The Personal Network On one level, it's supposed to be about being social. You know, sharing personal moments in your life that used to be … [Read more...]

Explaining the Foreclosure Crisis

This video has been making the rounds and it deserves it. With over 91,000 views thus far it is a rational explanation of why we are in the mess we're in.  The beauty of the explanation, in no small part, is that it is short and to the point.  No … [Read more...]

Blind Faith – Contractor Edition

Ever have a plumbing problem and you thought you knew what it was but just didn't have the skill to fix it yourself?  So you call in the plumber to do his job.  The plumber guy gets there and says, "Sure.  I can fix this but the real problem is this … [Read more...]

Movie Review – The Social Network

I like Facebook, Twitter and all the rest of social media as well as the next guy.  Maybe more.  I'm all over Facebook and Twitter and a few other social connection sites and I blog like crazy (especially as part of The Ultimate Blog Challenge).  So, … [Read more...]

The Power of the Headline

You've seen 'em. LOSE WEIGHT IN YOUR SLEEP MAKE $10,000 OVERNIGHT GET SO MANY TWITTER FOLLOWERS IT'LL CRASH THE TWITTER SERVERS Even the most outlandish headline will attract someone's attention and, more than likely, attract a lot of … [Read more...]