The Australian Adventure

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the Missus and I decided to take a trip Down Under for a couple of reasons. The ostensible reason was to attend the Rotary International Convention in Sydney. Yet, what a great cover story to take the “trip of a lifetime” to a part of the world we have never seen and would likely never see, again.

So, we connected with a travel agent to make the arrangements for us and, voila, we’re here.

We’re going into Day 3. I though I would be able to blog more consistently and more frequently but, as I’ll point out, I had no idea how much a trip from the East Coast of the United States would take out of you.

It’s not mountain climbing but it’s still tough.

We left out home about noon and, if you don’t consider that one day vaporizes because of the International Date Line, it took 30+ hours to get to Sydney and checked into the hotel.

– time to airport: 1 hour
– time waiting for the first flight: 2 hours
– time to first destination (San Fransisco): 6 hours
– time waiting in San Fran for the next flight: 3 hours
– time to second destination (Aukland, NZ): 13.5 hours
– time waiting in the Auckland Airport: 1.5 hours
– time from Auckland, NZ to Sydney, AU: 3.5 hours
– time getting through Immigration and Customs (short) plus the time waiting for our shuttle to out hotel plus the time to drive to the hotel plus the time to check in and actually get into out room: 2 hours.

Oh. And we had actually been awake and packing and getting ready to leave our home for about 8 hours prior to leaving to get to the airport (yeah. we couldn’t sleep and we needed to pack anyway).

Combine all that with the clock moving all over the place and a full day vaporizing into the space-time continuum and you’ll get an idea how tired we were and it was still just noon or so in Sydney.

We still had to force ourselves to stay awake so we could adjust to the new time zone and go to sleep when it was dark.

Next came the actual doing of stuff. Getting out to the Convention area. It’s in the Sydney Olympic Village which, evidently, is a long forgotten and barely used venue in the area. Much like the Sydney Olympics themselves.

The bottom line is that we’re exhausted and on each other’s nerves. Not a good thing.

Two other interesting things we weren’t exactly prepared for:

– Sydney is a really big city with lots and lots of people and big, tall buildings and lots of traffic. It may not be New York but it’s a serious urban experience.

– It’s also really, really expensive. I expected the Convention area to be expensive But, everything else in Sydney is through the roof, too. Maybe it’s the VAT or maybe it’s because it’s “he city” but we’re going through our Australian cash like water and using our debit card, to boot. Not for extravagant things either.

I’ll write about the food issue in a future post. Needless to say, the difference between being really diligent about what I ate at home (high protein and very low carbohydrates) and what I’m eating here is huge. I just hope I don’t blow 3.5 months of weight loss on a 2.5 week trip.

One final note: I’m writing this on my iPad using the WordPress app. It’s not what I thought it would be. Very, very basic. It’s almost like using the text (not – HTML) part of the full blown WordPress on my desktop at home. On the next post, i may try Blogsy. Stay tuned.


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